Sunday, May 23, 2010

Online Communities: Interviews with Authors of Websites

Please post in this comment section on any interviews you've conducted with authors of websites:

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  1. Website/Blog information:
    What is the name/url of your blog?

    What was the impetus for creating this blog?

    As a fan of Chris Farley I would search for my favorite funny man's pictures, videos and other information about his life. I noticed there was not much available online, like he had been forgotten. Having a large collection of Farley memories I decided starting a blog and sharing my colection and findings would add to his Internet precence.

    How is your blog different from any other blog of the same topic?

    I have never came across another Chris Farley blog, but have seen other celebrity related blogs. Welcome to Farleyville differs from them because I intertwine my personal life with events related to Chris Farley. For example one of my posts reveals how I first became fascinated with the funnyman. Another describes a trip where a group of friends and I visited Farley related landmarks. My latest post is about moving into our new home and how we purchased Chris Farley related shirts to uniform our moving team.

    How much time do you spend each day/week on your blog?
    It varies I usually post in spurts. I may go months without a post and then do three in a week.

    How many visitors/followers does your blog have?

    I really do not know how many people follow the blog, but I have recieved feedback from several readers.

    How has the news of the existence of your blog spread to attract more followers?

    I have created a Twitter account to post when I have new updates, have a YouTube channel to post videos which link back to the site and post on Chris' brother's facebook page. My biggest boost of followers happened when CNN linked a YouTube video I posted to one of their news stories.

    Any other information about your blog that you would like to share? was created to maintain a lasting legacy of my favorite funnyman, Chris Farley. One thing I have noticed is that some blogs are created to generate revenue. This is one thing that turns people off To a blog, I believe and have not considered.

    Blog Questions:
    Why do you blog?
    >>> Feel I have something to offer that is not out there already

    Why do you post on blogs?
    >>> Have something to share

    What makes you lurk on a website or blog but not post a comment?
    >>> Content have nothing to add or in order to make a comment takes to long to sign up

    Why do you check in with certain blogs repeatedly?
    >>> Updates

    Social Networking Questions:
    What types of virtual online communities do you belong to?
    >>> Facebook, myspace, Twitter

    Why do you return to some websites over others repeatedly?
    >>> Reputation and trust in content

    Why join social networking sites (Facebook, Myspace etc)? Why post on a social networking site?
    >>> See what old friends are up to. Add a point to a conversation

    What makes you feel safe in a virtual online community to post
    your own opinions/comments?
    >>> Know the members would not mind if someone contact me based on topic

    What elements of an online community turn you off from becoming a member?
    >>> Spam

    What elements of an online community entice you to become a member?
    >>> Rewards and benefits

    Online Activity Questions:
    What do you download most often from the internet?
    >>> Videos software music

    What do you upload to the internet?
    >>> Videos and pictures

    What do you spend most of your time online in regards to your professional career?
    >>> Visiting companies websites seeking information

    What do you spend most of your time online in regards to your
    personal life?
    >>> Finding Chris Farley related information