Friday, September 17, 2010

What Have We Learned Thus Far?

Website Questions:
* What makes you stay engaged on a website (of any kind) for a long period of time?
Content, Visually Appealing Layout, Clear Coherent Organization, Links to Other Interesting Blogs/Videos etc.
Graphics/ "Chunking Information", Links that open new windows but don't leave the home page

* What "catches your eye" on a website and makes you linger a bit longer than usual to check it out?
Relevant Content To Interests, Visuals- Appealing Layout, Something Unexpected

* What makes you leave a website instantly or turns you off from returning to it again?
Overt Bias, Editing Errors, Lack of Professional Writing Quality, Pop-up Advertisement that requires me to watch prior to opening up access to home page, Links that don't open or are not current, Paying Money , Too Much "Bling" Icons that either move, sparkle or feel "teenish" are distracting and unappealing, Requests for personal information, Rants/Crankiness/Obscene Comments

Blog Questions:
* Why do you blog?
Personal Outlet Similar to Journal/Diary

* Why do you post on blogs?
Topics Passionate About
To Stir Up Controversy With Other Readers

* Why do you check in with certain blogs repeatedly?
Relevant Content to Interests, Family/Friends are Authors, Updated Often, Use Google Reader to Keep Up. Use Regular Blogs as Recommendations for Newer Blogs/Websites

Social Networking Questions:
* What types of virtual online communities do you belong to?

* Why join social networking sites (Facebook, Myspace etc)? Why post on a social networking site?
Current Status Updates, Picture Sharing Capabilities

* What makes you feel safe in a virtual online community to post your own opinions/comments?
Privacy Setting Options (Gives the impression of feeling safe even if it isn't foolproof)

* What elements of an online community turn you off from becoming a member?
Reputation for being unreliable or sketchy

* What elements of an online community entice you to become a member?
Ease of Access, Uploading Pictures/Videos Quickly and Efficiently, SPAM

Online Activity Questions:
* What do you download most often from the internet?
Music/Videos, PDFs, Articles

* What do you upload to the internet?
Videos to Youtube

* What do you spend most of your time online in regards to your professional career?
Research for Relevant Topics for Work

* What do you spend most of your time online in regards to your personal life?
Current Events, Mapping Directions, Checking Blogs, Banking, Shopping

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