Monday, June 7, 2010

Who has already responded to our survey?

In an attempt to not bug our SDAWP fellows whom we all share as professional colleagues, please post the names of fellows whom have already returned completed interview surveys.

Before you send out a mass email to our SDAWP fellows please check this post and note who has been gracious to return an interview. If you are able to solicit any new SDAWP fellow interviews, please post their name(s) in the comment section here so we can remember to thank them for their time and so that we don't bug them again during our inquiry process.

Thank you!!


  1. I've received interviews from:

    Margit Boyesen

    Aja Booker

    Susan Minnicks

    Shannon Falkner

    Makeba Jones

  2. I've received an interview from:

    Cheryl Converse-Rath

  3. I've received an interview from

    Jan Hamilton

    Stephanie Hubner